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Human Resources Recruitment & Selection

In this service,IG Consultechwill do the recruiting and selection process.This can be
as an integrated joint service or a completely outsourced one.This service involves the
following tasks:
1.Identify the staffing management system for the organization.
The staffing management system will perform the following functionality:
      a. Tracking application information
      b. Scanning resumes
      c. Making the information immediately accessible to line managers to search
         online for search online for internal and external talents.


Performance Management

IG Consultech will help The Customer to measure their organizational strategic
objectives with their operational objectives.IG Consultech will guide the organization
in implementation of the Performance Management programs through the following steps.
        1. Identify the purpose of Performance Management Program.
        2. Identify the required Performance Management Method.
        3. Establish the Performance Management rights and responsibilities.
        4. Apply the Performance Management program phases.
        5. Set the rating definitions.